September 29, 2023


Our Services

Our services related directly to the organization of chess related event such as competition organization,arbitering, school selection, DGT broadcast, chess seminar , chess equipment rental and training. Below is some of our services

Chess Event Management
We have the right team to execute chess event of any size. From small scale events to the mega event. Just contact us to discuss.

We have Fide Arbiter, National arbiter ready to serve in any capacity.

The rates for arbiter is normally

Standard ratecard is as follows
Chief : RM350 per day
Deputy Chief Arbiter/ Section Head: RM300 per day
Pairing Arbiter: RM250 per day
Floor Arbiter: RM200 per day
Helper: RM100 per day

Chess Set Rental
Standard Chess Set Rental (1 set of chess,1 set of clock) for any event would be RM10/set/day

DGT Live Broadcast Set Rental
A tournament feel incomplete without live broadcast. If you intend to have live broadcast for your tournament, you in the right place.

DGT Lives Rates
RM 100 / board / day (minimum 3 board per event)

Chess Seminar & Training
If you intend to run chess seminar / training, we would be glad to help out.

Any inquiries you may contact FA Emran (0196675675) / (01121266277)